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“Thank you for being there for us and giving us the tools to
we need to have a good loving relationship in the future”

“My panic attacks have stopped. I now feel so calm and so good about myself”

“We had almost lost all hope and were close to separation when
we came to you. Your understanding and patient work with us
saved our relationship and helped us to recapture the love we had lost”.

“Thank you very much for being there for me in my time of need.
I feel so much better and I am getting stronger every day”.

“Thank you for all your help and kindness. We have found a new
and deeper joy in our relationship”.

“Thank you so much from both of us. Our communication is
now so much better and brings us much happiness.”

“I had thought that my awful abusive childhood would always haunt me.
I cannot change the past of course but I have now come to terms
with it and I feel so much better

“We want you to know that your help has made a big
difference. A thousand times Thank you”

“I feel so much more confident and enthusiastic about the
future. Thanks Frank”.

“It was wonderful to be able to explore and resolve our doubts
as we prepare for our marriage and to learn the tools to
deepen our relationship and our love for each other”.

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