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What is Couple Counselling?

The purpose of couple counselling is to help the couple to live their relationship more effectively in order to attain the happiness they desire. This very often means helping them to improve and deepen their communication and to learn and use new tools for resolving conflict and negotiation of differences.

Most people seeking relationship counselling will either be married or in a long term relationship or engaged to marry. Sometimes couples or individuals will want to explore their doubts and concerns before entering into marriage or a permanent commitment to each other. Ideally the couple will decide to attend counselling together, although sometimes it is necessary during the counselling to see each person on their own for one or more sessions before bringing the couple back together.

Often, just one of the partners will decide to seek counselling on their own. In such cases a lot can still be achieved to bring about beneficial change. When one person changes the ways in which she / he relates to their partner then the whole dynamic of the relationship changes. This can often bring about positive overall change. 

During the counselling session, I will gently assist the couple or individual to explore the problem issues and to work toward change.

Experience has shown that where a couple is willing to participate fully in the counselling process and to engage in the work towards change then the outcome will almost always be positive.

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