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5. Can sexual problems be helped by counselling?
Yes they can. However we have to distinguish between sexual problems which are due to poor communication and other relationship difficulties, as against those that are due to what are called ‘psychosexual’ problems. Sexual problems that are purely due to poor communication generally improve as the communication improves, although sometimes more specific help may be needed.

Psychosexual problems are different and refer to specific problems with sexual intercourse. They are more specific. Some of these problems include erectile difficulties, premature or retarded ejaculation, difficult penetration or painful sex, orgasm problems, lack of or reduced sexual interest. Psychosexual problems require very specific therapy. In talking about psychosexual problems we are assuming that any medical problems have been ruled out.

No matter which partner is experiencing the difficulty they are best treated as a couple problem and not just a problem for the individual. It is important to realise however that treatment for psychosexual problems first requires that the couple have a fairly good (does not have to be perfect) level of communication.

6.There has been violence in our relationship. Can Counselling help?
There are many types of violence including physical, mental and emotional. It can be male to female or female to male. I am trained and experienced in this area and have had a considerable level of success. Depending on the type and level of violence a lot of work may be required. Perpetrators will usually have to do a lot of personal work on themselves. Sometimes a victim will also need to do personal development work. While that work goes on it is imperative that a safe environment is agreed and established. In addition to all the ‘usual’ relationship issues such as communication and different attitudes, other issues arise including fear, trust, hurt. If both people are willing to do the work, healing of the past is possible and it can lead to a brighter and more peaceful future.

7. Is Haven Counselling totally confidential?
Complete confidentiality is one of the core values of a counselling relationship. So rest assured that no information will be passed on to a third party. However confidentiality can never be absolute. As in any counselling situation a counsellor may only break confidentiality in the case of serious danger to a client or other person and then only to the extent necessary to alleviate the immediate danger.

8. Will my privacy be respected at the counselling office?

Yes. Your privacy is very important and I do everything I can to ensure it. My office is attached to my home but is separate from it. It has its own separate entrance at the side of the house. I leave sufficient time between clients so that it is highly unlikely that you will ever meet another client. In this regard I ask that you would arrive no more than 5 minutes before your appointed time.

9. Does Haven Counselling accept gay / lesbian couples?
Yes. People of all sexual orientations are welcome.

10. Is couple counselling more expensive than individual counselling and therapy?

 No. At Haven Counselling couple counselling is charged at the same rate as individual counselling. Please refer to Fees

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