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When couples first meet they often become aware that they have different attitudes, sometimes very deeply different. But because there are many other attractive things about each other they tend to overlook their differences and enter into a more permanent relationship.

Some people either think (or just hope) those differences will not be a problem and others sometimes think that they will be able to change their partner once they are married or in a long term relationship.

Attitudes can be different in many areas. For example, roles in the home, sexuality, financial, attitudes towards family and friends and many other areas of difference. As time goes on these differences can become sources of irritation and disillusionment. The good news however is that it is possible for couples to negotiate their different attitudes. In most cases there is a need for give and take and arrive at compromise. Skilled counselling can facilitate couples to deal with their areas of difference and negotiate how they can either change or sometimes simply accept and live with those differences harmoniously in the future.

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